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27/03/2011 – 28/03/2011 – Rasht

May 31, 2011

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The list of things to see in Iran is enormous, for good or for bad, now we have a copy of the Iran Lonely Planet that list has become a hell of a lot longer. We need to get visas in Tehran for Central Asia and extend our Iranian visa is Esfahan plus all the sightseeing means that we will be forced to take a few buses in Iran. It was a difficult decision but one which had to be done to ensure we see everything we want to here. I go in search of the bus timetable and end up being befriended by 2 Tehrani’s here for the holiday who take me to the local travel agent and then in a taxi to the bus terminal. Notable highlights of Rasht were the kebab stalls which popped up at night, lit by gas lamps at every street corner, you’d choose your sticks and then eat at the stand alongside others also stuffing their faces, people said it was dog but if it was it was dam tasty.

I went in search of some good bread for my lunch, which in Iran requires a bit of effort, i asked someone who was carrying some where they got it from. He replied “How many do you want?” I said just one and he handed over one of his own. However, for all their good will I am surprised at Iranians disregard for the environment, I watched people pouring all their rubbish into the river I was sitting by without even a thought. For such a developed nation this has surprised me a lot.

We went on a day trip to an uninspiring port town on the Caspian Sea, the architecture was very reminiscent of coastal towns in Europe and was full of Iranians going all out with their picnics, some looked as though they’d bought the entire kitchen with them. The coast itself was dull and is best left as a romantic imagination; the Caspian in reality is ugly. The highlight was the shared taxi ride home, a nurse needed to get to work so we ripped through the traffic, dodging around cars, creating lanes between cars and never going below 100km/h this guy was possessed. It was good times but I was concerned we’d be footage for the next Red Crescent’s accident video.

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