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21/03/2011 – Miyaneh to 40kms outside of Khal Khal – “Aeed Mubarek” Happy New Year

May 31, 2011

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The scenery from Miyaneh was utterly stunning, some of the best so far, beautiful greens, reds and greys and the ubiquitous arrow trees fired down into the ground by the Persian gods. The climb up the other side of the valley however was not so pretty, a violently steep ascent combined with heavy traffic and annoying people trying to ask questions – surely its obvious that we’re physically exerting ourselves and probably won’t be up for a chat, an excruciating experience. But as I’ve learnt on this trip beautiful surroundings are usually accompanied by climbing, pay for your ticket and take the ride

Surrounded by snow covered mountains, some of which we would be traversing in the coming days, the weather felt warm and at camp, Sasha laid out the table cloth he’d bought (how very domestic) and we enjoyed eating outside amongst the newly sprouted crocuses (or saffron?), 6 months of penance was beginning to be repaid.

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