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1st April 2011 – record breakers

May 31, 2011

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Today we were back on the bikes, and making a beeline for Tehran. We had a hearty breakfast and set off nice and early, with an idea that we could be in Tehran tonight.

We have heard a lot of bad stories about the cycle into Tehran; mainly due to the magnitude of traffic and the irratic nature of Iranian driving. We were prepared for this but we had several things go our way today that meant it was not so bad at all.

Firstly it was still Nowruz so the roads were quiet – though this was not to last as in a few days they would be converting the highway from two way traffic to just one way to cope with the influx of people returning to the capital. We also received a tip off from the family of a quieter old road that would give us a back door entrance to the city. The weather was on our side, with even a slight tail wind, aswell as a slight descent all the way, meaning we had clocked 150km by the end of the day and were circling Azadi square before nightfall.

We negotiated the converging highways getting into the centre and found a small cheap hotel, ordered take away cello kebabs and passed out after a long day.

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