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14th March 2011 – Youseff and family get us on a good start to Tabriz

May 1, 2011

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We sleep well – really well. Its so good to sleep in a proper bed when its cold outside, and with new friends. We eat a hearty breakfast of bread, cheese, yoghurt and eggs, before orchestrating a family photo with the bikes outside the house. They wish us well on our way and we push off towards Tabriz.

We pass some nice soft agriculture before we hit a main road that feels like we’ve just come out of a wormhole into Lebanon. The street is busy and polluted, the sun has heated up the day intensely (were we really in snow yesterday) and we contend with taking the highway all the way to Tabriz.

Its not long before the road climbs again back into the snow line and we’re reminded that its still just about winter around here. The slow push in the heavy traffic is less than enjoyable – the journey is made a bit more bareable by the warmth of the drivers however – several stopping on the way to offer us lifts or even a place to stay when we reach Tabriz. Iranians are turning out to be some of the most friendly people we have met on the road to date.

We make the pass in good time and enjoy the fruits of our labour as we descend back into relative warmth. Tabriz is in the distance, and if you strain your eyes you can just see Lake Orumieye on the right. The new experience of Iranian city entrance has us stopping for regular photos, admiring the peculiar structures and industry that is scattered on the roadside on the way into Tabriz.

We make it into town just as night falls, and enjoy weaving in through the irratic Iranian traffic. We stop at some lights and a guy bumps me with his car to get me to move so he can pass. Iranian drivers, for all their care and friendliness when the window is wound down, are bastards when they’re moving in the seat.

We find a decent hotel in the centre of town for a princly 5,000tomans a night and settle down to enjoy our first mad Iranian city experience.

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  1. robin smith permalink
    May 2, 2011 8:46 am

    Glad to hear all is going well. Stay safe! R

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