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12th March 2011 – Farewell to Ali and some beautiful downhill cycling

April 30, 2011

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Ali lets us sleep in for the morning and we rise slowly to a great and hearty breakfast. We even get the opportunity to make some of it ourselves, totally contrary to the normal hospitality ritual of the guest not even lifting a finger, which makes us feel much more comfortable.

We get on our way and take pictures of Ali’s very posey son as we leave. We pop into Ali’s shop where he sells Fertilizer to say goodbye, pick up some bread, avoid a few more hurling bangers and get on the road.

The weather is fine, Iran is a buzz of activity for Now Ruz coming up. Iranians love to picnic it seems, and they are out in force today. Even at the side of the road is good enough to whip out the tent, the stove, have a cuppa and nosh on some flat bread. Its great.

The mountains roll ahead of us as the road descends nicely into picturesque green valleys. Theres still a little bite in the air but you can feel spring approaching.

As the day draws to a close we reach a turning that will take us on a small road through some backwater areas. We deliberate for a while as to where it is (note – do not buy World Mapping Project maps from Germany – they are inaccurate in both their distances and the placement of their roads – last time i trust the Germans for their accuracy), eventually find it and make camp in a recently harvested bamboo field, under a makeshift timber shelter.

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  1. Harry permalink
    May 1, 2011 11:46 am

    Great to hear from you guys again. I’ve been missing your updates!

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