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09th March 2011 – big cold climbing to Dog Biscuit

April 30, 2011

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I spend the night furious with my team for their lacklustre performance. Our new turkish friends do little to sympathise, and kick us out in the morning, feeling we had outstayed our welcome somewhat.

We decide to push for Dogubayzit or Dog Biscuit as its affectionately called in one day and take a break in a hotel out of the cold (we’ve softened up over the last months!) but its bloody freezing out here and the thought of camping in thick snow is less than appealing.

The road climbs and climbs, and the snow gets higher and higher. Luckily its not recent so the road remains clear, and the weather is great so its quite a beautiful ride. We ascend and ascend to the biggest pass of the trip so far – 2,568m, then quickly descend down the other side. Although its cold out, climbing is always welcome because you keep moving and the blood flows and you stay warm. However welcome a descent is, in the cold its totally freezing. My hands go numb despite wearing two sets of gloves as we fly through small mountain villages, past vicious dogs that have no chance of catching us. We speed past some rather mangled trucks on the roadside and hope that we don’t get overtaken on the way down.

We reach Dog Biscuit as night falls and find a cheap hotel, and even take the chance to get the last beers in before Iran tomorrow.

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