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25/02/2011 (julıan solo) – Batman to Kurtalan – A $100 used to be more than enough

March 6, 2011

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Day starts with a big climb, the bike feeling even worse than yesterday, making it a fairly un-enjoyable experience.  The road leds me into a small town where my arrival causes quite a stir and I end up staying in the bakers for an hour or so drinking tea and warming up next to the oven.

Out of the town I see huge snow-capped mountains to my left and im glad I didn’t ride past Batman and take the next road.  I enjoy the bbq meat upgraded lunch on the roadside and cold chill in the air.

The road to Kurtalan is arduous and boring, the surface isn’t good and neither is my mood.  A few cups of tea in the petrol station iN Kurtalan in enough to raise my spirits.  I chat to a Kurdish guy who also works on the south coast during the summer in the tourist restaurants.  The houses in this town are mostly coloured and it reminds me of a scene from toy town.  After a bit of a climb the road and the horizon drops dramatically, I am awarded to a huge decent and just what I need after a day of slogging.  Sonic Youth is blarring in my ears and I hurtle down the road all the stress of the day evaporates and a huge smile spreads across my face.  A little thought in the back of my head is that I haven’t really paid for this pleasure, but I quickly forget about it and soak up the view as it descends and is joined by a river.

I find a perfect spot to camp on, right on the river bank on a patch of grass big enough for my tent.  I brew some tea and drink it whilst absorbing the peaceful surroundings and the soothing sounds of the water rushing past.

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