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20/02/2011 (julıan solo) – Tall Tamr to Al Kamishli – Wınd easy

March 6, 2011

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I pack up and think that the people that own these little buildings will probably never know what a savior they are to people like myself, I want to leave some kind of thanks, but maybe it’s a bit creepy….

The wind has completely died down and what a different experience cycling is, relaxing and enjoyable, little effort required to rotate the pedals.  I enter Tall Tamr, this is now a predominantly Kurdish area and I’m stopped at a police checkpoint, whilst I watch a large group of men buying and selling livestock.  Everything is well and I pick up supplies for the road.  Bread is free and I chat with a few of the shopkeepers about my bike and where I’m from.

The weather is hazy and the road takes me out once again into the wilderness.  Tim Hecker is the perfect accompaniment to these sparse landscapes, the music takes me deeper into the surroundings.

I think about whether the future of cycle touring will be on the moon or other planets as I make my way towards the Syrian Turkish border.  There is literally nothing out here, the horizon has flat-lined.

To make things a bit more interesting I’m stopped by the only person I see in about 2 hours, a shepherd who seems interested and slightly perturbed by my presence.  Hearing a lot about Kurdish checkpoints and stops I’m aware this guy might be ‘local police’ but he makes no sense, points at the vegetables in my pannier and then gestures that I give them to him.  You must be joking I say as I leave him behind me, if you want them old man you can catch me up.

I stop at two consecutive petrol stations, mostly because I forgot what I was doing at the first.  In both im given tea and chat with the guys there using my key to communication my notepad and drawings.  I’m finding that my black book is becoming ever present at social times, without a firm grasp on language many things can be communicated using images.

I camp in the dark quite close to a big antennae with 3 red lights up the side.  Im behind a building but in the distance I can see an ominous looking building illuminated with floodlighting.  Slightly perturbed I decide to stick to my guns, if they want to come over and ask questions they can.

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