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17/02/2011 (julıan solo)– Dibsi Faraj to Ar Raqqah

March 6, 2011

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Follow the same process of carrying the bike and all the gear to the road as I did yesterday, clear all the mud from the bike.  Just as I finish the sun comes out and feels like I’m being rewarded for my efforts.  Stop off at the petrol station to wash pots and get a group of inquisitive kids touching everything on the bike, let them listen to the mp3 player.  Everything you do, including something as mundane as washing pots is watched, people, especially young kids are absolutely fascinated.

I had hoped the roads im travelling on at the moment would be in the desert but it’s more of a halfway house between desert and open fields of nothingness.  I imagine in the summer that it would be a lot dustier but because of the rain the land is a damp mass of darkish brown.  I do, however, pass lots of simple houses constructed from the mud that has plagued my bike for the past few days, it’s a pleasure to see it being used more usefully.

Decide to stock up on supplies in the next town as the map shows towns and villages will become sparse.  The grocer sells sugar by the kilo and gives me some peppers and parsley for free.  I’m beckoned into the sweet shop next door and given some sweets on the house as well!  The town is busy with automotive repairs as I pass through and finally spot the Euphrates river in the distance on the left.

Stop for lunch next to some beautiful domed buildings made from mud, a little boy comes and sits next to me and starts talking in Arabic.  It seems like he’s explaining something about his friends in the next village and even though I have no idea what he’s saying he continues unfased.  Im glad he does and I enjoy his company.

Back on the road the Euphrates has disappeared until I cross it coming into Ar Raqqah.  I spot some more bird training at the top of an apartment block as I pass through the city.  A beautiful sunset over the city and I find a great place to camp away from the road in another building in a field which even has a roof!  I unwind before setting up, disturbing a few field mice as I do.

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  1. Harry permalink
    March 11, 2011 9:21 pm

    Loving this Julian, have just caught up on the blog to this point. Going to give it a rest so there more for me to read tomorrow!

    Your journey sounds so amazing, I’m slowly planning one in my head. I’ve just got 20 years to wait for Iris to grow up and to give myself time to persuade Becca to come along!

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