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16/02/2011 (julıan solo)– Dayr Hafir to Dibsi Faraj – Stuck ın the mud

March 6, 2011

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Morning after finding a campspot always yields a completely different setting to the one you created in your head.  Im completely obvious to anyone travelling up the small road passing the houses but other than a few interested glances no one has approached.  The bike is completely clogged with mud, the wheels won’t move and I have to move the bike and all the bags up to the road by hand before clearing all the mud from the bike.  It’s a lengthy and laborious task but gives me time to come up with a new hit “The trials and tribulations of cycle touring” which I sing as I go about dealing with this little inconvenience.

It’s one of those days, the weather is yet again rubbish and the road is quite boring.  I stop for cheese and I’m demanded to sit down and drink tea, I don’t feel like it so make excuses that I have to get to the border and leave.  In the next town a kid with a big scar on his nose helps me to find vegetables and cheers me up no end I hope I made his day better as well.  Coming out of the town the police stop me and ask me in for questions.  I get the distinct impression they are bored but play along to avoid any more sitting around answering questions plus the hierarchy is quite hilarious to observe.  They have the goofy one outside in the wet who seems to have half and clue and even less of a brain cell, then inside the power hungry one who hasn’t made it to the top but seems to think he’s the bees knees.  The top ranking officer is much more chilled and talks to me about his family.  I’m allowed to leave after 10 minutes.  Sonic Youth makes a good companion to this stretch of road.  I stop for pot wash and offered tea and share some good times with Ali and the guys as I play one of them some UK dance music, it goes down well.

I find a good spot to camp in an almost tailor made empty building far away from the main road, perfectly hidden, only problem the bike has become clogged with the super sticky mud again.  I’ll deal with it tomorrow morning, I do some drawing and watch the moon in the sky.  I find looking up at the moon very comforting, I think about all the people all over the world looking at the same round disc of white light.

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