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15/02/2011 (julıan solo)– Aleppo to Dayr Hafir

March 6, 2011

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Eat breakfast in front of BBC news with Pieter, haven’t done that since being in the UK.  Iranian protests broadcast make me feel quite concerned that the visa I have sitting in my passport might sit in their unused.  Meet Axle in an old mans tea room, sat in my full waterproofs as its pissing down.  Talk about our next legs which coincidently both take place in Iran albeit by different forms of transport, but meeting up is on the cards at some point.

Out of the city via a quick peek at the citadel and to a very good falafel and chip wrap place which has the best hot sauce I’ve had the entire trip laid out in huge tubs for you to coat everything you buy in a thick layer.

The road out of Aleppo is full of huge holes full of water, Syrian weather has been completely rubbish for a long time and its starting to wear a little thin.  The city drops away fairly rapidly into smaller settlements which are separated by large open expanses of agriculture.

A huge plume of smoke dominates the road ahead, perhaps theres a big fire, I’ll know soon enough as I head further towards it.  Turns out to be a big power station and the plumes are steam.

Stop off for supplies and get all my groceries for free and given some sweet treats to send me on my way, perhaps its not much to them but it means alot.  Approaching the next large town the light has faded.  One thing I wanted to achieve, face, is finding a camping spot in the dark and tonight looks like its chosen itself.  Right next to the main road I peel off trying not to be seen, my wheels clog with sticky mud, a Syrian specialty.  I think of asking someone if I can camp in their garden but I think of it as a bit of a cop out so find a spot on the edge of a field, lights form some houses seem close by.  A few visits by some pathetic dogs, Syrian dogs need to learn a thing or two from their aggressive neighbours in Turkey, are remedied with a few rocks.

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