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14/02/2011 (julıan solo) – Aleppo

March 6, 2011

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Meet up with Axle and go in search of the museum of popular culture marked in the Lonely Planet.  After a few hours of wandering around the souk we realize we’re in completely the wrong place and get to the museum at closing time.  The lady at the door lets us in and then stands behind us making obvious signals that’s its time to leave.  The exhibition is a mix of ancient tools, weapons and clothing and beyond the mish mash organization is actually pretty good plus the venue was quite special, the  kind of courtyard you’d never leave if you owned it.

After the exhibition Axle and I found ourselves in the underwear section of the souk, where all the shops are run by men yet populated by groups of women.  The perfect day to be in the underwear section we found ourselves mesmerized by music panties and giant bras, very childish buts its nice to indulge that sometimes.

Later on we venture to a Hamam (Turkish Bath) with some of Pieters friends.  The bath is pretty disgusting as it’s the end of the day and lots of people have already been in it but the massage and steam softened the muscles and prepared them for the coming riding.  During the meal we spoke, well I listened to, the history of Kurdistan and why the Vikings we’re depicted as having horns on their helmets yet never did in real life.

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