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Departing company for a time – hitting the road solo

March 5, 2011

Myself and Julian have shared the road very closely for the last 4 months, all the way from London to Damascus. It’s been a truly fantastic and memorable experience, and one that I couldn’t have done without the support of my best friend there to share the road with me.

However after 4 months together, we have decided to split for a time and navigate our own roads across Syria and back into Turkey. This is for several reasons, the foremost being our mutual hunger to experience the exhilaration and wonder of solo bike travel. We’ve set each other up well for this next stage in our trip by cycling together thus far, and this will make the leap into the world of being just the one that much easier to make.

Our plan is to split from Damascus and meet again in Van in East Turkey – the last frontier before crossing into Iran and beyond. Here we will also be joined by our French counterpart Mathias, for a right old knees up reunion!

My road will take me out of Damascus and northwards to Deir Mar Musa Monetary, high in the Syrian mountains, before I depart eastwards and cross the desert, back to Palmyra and onwards to Deir az Zawr, then North to Al Hasaka and Al Qamishli, where I will cross the border into Turkey. From there I will head to Mardin, then onto Batman and finally make the ascent to Lake Van, crossing the lake by ferry to Van where I will meet the others.

Julian’s road will also take him to the monestary, then he will continue north to Homs and visit Crac Des Chevaliers before continuing to Aleppo, then heading into the desert along the Euphrates and crossing into Turkey at Al Qamishli. Beyond this his road will be very similar to mine, so I expect to see a yellow dot cycling ahead of me on the road at some point!

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