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23/02/11 – Further than I thought…

March 5, 2011

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So it turns out that I was on the right road, and was closer to Tatvan than I thought, result. I started the big ascent of this section in full readiness and preparation, expecting a tough climb to last several days. In actual fact it was a lot easier than I thought. The climb was fairly gradual and I had time on my side meaning I could take it nice and slow. I passed through several towns on the up, stopping for some kebab fuel and a few veg for the impending cold night ahead. I hit the show line about 1430, but the air wasn’t that cold so I was in high spirits about a comfortable evening. I had to kindly refuse offers of lifts from concerned drivers on several occasions, seemingly worried about me not making it to civilization by nightfall.

By the time it was camp watch the snow on the side of the road was at least 6 inches thick – the top of it had turned to ice suggesting there hadn’t been a fall recently. I took my chances and hiked up a little bit out of view of the road and made camp on the thickest bit of snow I could find, much to my detriment.

I had images of snow camping being actually rather pleasant, particularly as it was a bit warmer this evening. I thought I could pat it down nice and soft under my tent and have a good night’s sleep. I was very wrong. It quickly turned to ice around the shape of my ass where I was cooking then slowly proceeded to melt throughout the night, leading to a lumpy, cold and wet night’s sleep

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