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22/02/11 –Pepper spray, punctures and getting lost

March 5, 2011

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The next morning saw the whole family very curious to see if I had a good night’s sleep, with promise of a big breakfast and hearty send off. The dad, who was more curious than the rest of the family, picked up the pepper spray I had in my bag while I was packing and unwittingly sprayed it head long into the air, covering me and his friend in blue gunk. I wasn’t so pleased with him but he didn’t know what it was, plus I think he felt like a bit of a moron and we joked about it.  I just hoped that the blue stain would come out of my jacket.

After a good breakfast I said my goodbyes and pushed up the hill towards Ikikopru, where I would attempt to take some smaller and unmarked roads cross country to try and save a bit of time and take in some different, less traffic heavy scenery. I was descending the hill and felt the stones making a bigger impact on my wheels, and realized I had another puncture. It was not so bad this time and I was able to repair it without problem – the fact that it wasn’t raining was a big help. My pump even started working again.

I tried to find the correct small road and ended up cycling 25km in the wrong direction down a road that wasn’t on my map. I eventually found the right road and the rain started to come down in torrents. It was pretty miserable. The road started to meander in a way that I was not expecting and I feared I was lost again. I camped up in a beautiful small valley among some waterfalls and decided to find the right way tomorrow.

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