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21/02/11 – Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BATMAN!

March 5, 2011

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I slept well despite another turbulent and wet night – although I was a little paranoid about the river rising up in the rain and washing me away. It didn’t happen though and I was on the road in good time heading towards Batman.

Despite the cool name, Batman is a bit of a dead-end. It’s an oil town, so a little devoid of character. I spent several hours in an internet café, where the owner very generously would bring me coffee, tea, and even bought me a kebab while I was there. Legend.

I got out of the town quite late, and was struggling to find somewhere to camp, since the roads were lined with gas stations. I chanced my luck with one of them that had a garden, and whipped out a pre prepared piece of paper that had in Turkish a request for me to camp for the night. They didn’t even hesitate and let me set up camp, and then insisted I eat with them. I spent the night eating great food, chatting to the sons of the owner via Google translate and even got them to fill up my dodgy Syrian stove with gas, which was quite a dangerous affair, gas spraying everywhere, but it was a succes

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