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17 – 18/02/11 – uphill to Mardin and a shower at last!

March 5, 2011

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I decided that Mardin was the perfect place for a little break. I rose lazily and proceeded to climb the mammoth hill to the mountain top town. It was a struggle but worth it in the end, the weather was great and the view looking back over Syria was breathtaking. I found a cheap (and slightly unfriendly) hotel in the town centre and took my time to wash my stuff and myself, use their internet connection and do some sightseeing. I ate several rather disappointing kebabs and a kilo of fantastic Baklava, which kept me up most of the night on a permanent sugar rush.

I got my bike cleaned (it was a disgrace) and did some minor maintenance. I hung out with a Chinese guy and Japanese girl who had been travelling in the area, and was wowed by her photos of central Asia and India – it truly whetted my appetite for the road ahead. I left Mardin feeling fully refreshed and ready for the final push towards Lake Van where I will meet up again with Julian and Mathias. Times are good.

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