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11/02/11 – riding to my own pace

March 5, 2011

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I totally forgot I was meant to meet George this morning and head off – he’s quite an early riser it seems, and my eager agreement to meet him at 8 was quite predictably not kept to on my part, and he came knocking for me at 9 wondering where I had got to.

I made my excuses and we agreed to meet later that day and continue. I head back to bed, feeling quite lazy. He wakes me again at 10 to tell me he’s going to push on solo. It’s a shame as I would have liked to cycle with him, but I think we operated on quite different scales – he started his day at 7 and did 130km average, whereas I start at 10 and don’t normally do more than 80km a day (apart from yesterday huzzah!) – So again I go back to bed.

Eventually we rise and are drawn to the fruits of internet time in the local café. Axel is heading off today curiously to meet Julian in Aleppo (they also got to know each other in the monastery) so we say our goodbyes and he leaves me online to procrastinate a little further.

Eventually I get out and get on the road, heading for Deir Az Zawr. I make it out of town battling a bit of a head wind and make camp completely coverless in the middle of the desert relying only on the darkness to give me any protection. It’s a truly sensational night and I spend most of it trying to take pictures of myself in a starry background 😉

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