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20/01 – Beirut – Deja vous?

March 4, 2011

back to beirut

Plans to leave Beirut today are sidelined as errands need to be done and the allure of the beach (So it wasn’t the last time we’d see the water 2 days ago! Thankyou Hezbollah) keep us in the city. I spend the morning filling in yet another application form for potential funding whilst Harry and Sash go in search of hommous and foul. I find myself sitting in the Saifi Institute again and i can only sing its praises, its a real oasis from a hectic city, a place where you can sit and relax, eat great food yet still feel like your in the middle of the city.

I cycle down to the beach with a beer in my bag just as Harry and Sash have had enough and look pretty cold. They head back and i sit and enjoy the last of the sun, go for a swim sip my beer and watch the planes drift overhead out of Beirut.

Back at Sallys a little gathering brews, couple of French guys – Manu and Mael who recommend a monastery just outside of Damascus. Nis, Szymon, Freuke and Shireen its great to spend another night with these guys who’ve made the Beirut experience that much better.

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