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11th Jan 2011 – wet tent won’t spoil my day!

March 4, 2011

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It was a wet, wet night. We all rise with a decent collection of water pooling in our tents. Fortunately though we have been blessed with glorious sunshine for this day and we lay the tents out to dry during a lazy morning, mainly down to the fact that Harry has discovered an overnight puncture (probably due to the rubbish and glass lined trail that led from the road to our camp spot) I take the time to sit and enjoy the sea air while Harry fits my one and only spare inner tube to his bike… 😉

The road is superb today. Soft breeze, downhill, beautiful coastal scenery, roaring sunshine. We are even blessed with some architected houses along the sea front, some in very good taste, and some in very not.

We reach Byblos and have lunch in the old dock. Byblos is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, and it certainly has a charm about it, although it feels as if it has been heavily glossed in the effort to increase luxury tourism to the area. It feels expensive and classy, like a Lebanese San Trappe. The western influence in Lebanon felt particularly acute around here, particularly after a much more Arabic feeling Tripoli.

We get out of town and can see Beirut in the distance. It’s too far to make today though and camping opportunities seem slim as it looks built up pretty much the whole way to the capital. Julian lucks out on a tiny alleyway leading to a dilapidated bit of land on the waters’ edge, where we can camp in complete secrecy and serenity. Perfect.

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