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5/1/11 – Iskenderun to Arsuz

February 4, 2011

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Breakfast on the roof terrace for one, making friends with the manager has meant breakfast is 3 times the size of yesterdays, although thats not saying much as yesterdays was pitiful. Regardless, its good fuel and i like the setting over looking the other rooftops in the vicinity. One in particular is covered in what look like giant cucumbers precariously growing from thin vines, im told they are eaten, im not convinced.

Back to the grind but i’m enjoying using my brain to write propa ingerlish and try to explain my ideas for urban environments in a clear and concise manner. I get it all done but the archaic LSE application process seems like it might have ground to a halt, needs more coal in the fire. A few more shovels and its burning bright again, all sorted and i can now tick it off my things to do list.

I leave the hotel and grab some late lunch and sit on some rocks and watch the calm sea with a kebab and a small bag of deep fried honey balls, delicious. Darkness envelopes and i have to meet Harry and Sash in a town 40kms away. Leaving Iskenderun – the Miami of Turkey replete with beach side condos fenced off, shame they can’t invest some of their money into some street lights or maybe even a better road. I spend the next few hours working away along the coastal road trying to avoid potholes and being blinded by full beam headlights.

I find the others, who’ve had an equally exciting time getting reprimanded by the military and questioned in their wet boxer shorts for swimming in a military zone.

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