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25th Dec – Christmas in Capadocia!

January 27, 2011

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A slightly fuzzy morning is of course the only way to start Christmas day. And what a day it was.

After a hearty eggy breakfast we decided to battle the hangovers with a big (unloaded) ride around Capadocia for the day. We were tooled up and ready to go by 11, and we hit the road heading up a huge climb to prepare for a descent down tiny winding hike tracks and into the deep dark abyss of the Capadocia hills. We were 7 today, as Bao had hired a bike to join us. The numbers are growing every day!

We quickly lost Julian who darted off in excitement in the wrong direction – Mathias was the unfortunate recipient of the first puncture of the day and Harry’s oh so narrow tyres and racing clips were no match for the unforgiving terrain of the tracks. His falling over became a regular occurance – if he was up ahead you would know you were coming to a challenging section as it would be often punctuated with the regular cry of ‘ahh, ahh, im going, im going, ah fuck!’ Hilarious.

The scenery was truly breathtaking, what a place to spend Christmas. With great people too, and an awesome ride, it was a memorable day. We finished up the ride having to carry the bikes across a very precarious and very untrodden track over the hills that Mike had excitedly led us down. The temptation for him to take his Thorn with its wide tyres off road was too tempting, much to the struggle of the rest of us (particularly Harry) but it was a great laugh.

We eventually got back onto asphalt and headed back into Goreme, where Harry cooked up a fruit and garlic cous cous storm. Happy days

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