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And hello from Damascus!

January 26, 2011

So we’re a bit behind with the blog, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to fill you in briefly on the events from where the blog is to now just so you know!

Harry left us today after 5 weeks. it was great having him with us, he was fantastic in the mornings and his spankies kept us eternally amused!

Damascus is gorgeous, the weather is a little cold (and rainy) and the food is amazing and cheap

we successfully acquired our shiny new Iranian Visas today! 110 quid down, but we’re a go go for Iran in the next few weeks

Apologies for the bad formatting of the blog recently – Syrian internet restrictions mean a hefty work around that compromises our immaculate formatting… hope its all still legible!

also apologies for being so behind on the blog – again due to internet restrictions (availability as well as nationwide lockdowns!) we are busting our balls to get it all out, but as you can imagine it takes time! (ive been sitting infront of the computer today updating for 5 hours)

a massive thanks to Forest School who managed to raise over 500 quid on our behalf for Internation Chilcare Trust, putting us roughly 750 quid off our 5 grand target! If you havent had the chance to donate yet, please please help us out to hit the big 5!! you can donate here

anyway, hope you are all well, and watch this space for more updates…


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