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07/12 – Pinarhisar – Vize – Saray : tea? dictionary? bread? groceries? Ayran?

January 14, 2011

The Turkish military have moved onto bazooka training this morning – you can see three little guys in the distance firing rockets into the hillside – yellow flash and all – quite unsettling but very cool aswell.


We get into Pinarhisar and stop at a Shell garage for pot wash, but end up having Cay with the manager, and using the wifi in their office. they then give us a whole loaf of bread and a now invaluable english to turkish dictionary. they even offer us their shower! The hospitality in Turkey has been striking, and great! we were very thankful for the bread, and specially the dictionary (which is curiously very focused on the more filthy topics of translation)

Some dialect from the Stokey Kebab shop goes down very well in the supermarket (harbe nassusen which means how you doing mate goes down a storm, the guy even invites his mates into the shop to hear us say it!) one of his mates is an English teacher who is very keen to talk about football – we discuss QPR and Nottingham Forest, aswell as Turkeys obsession with Galatasaray. He then offers to buy all our groceries for the day for us – an amazing act of generosity and we are stunned. we’re just two guys on bikes! … if youre reading this, thankyou and we are looking very hard for a vintage QPR shirt for you!

We leave the panniers stuffed with food and stop for lunch on the roadside in the next village, only to be approached by some curious women who then give us freshly baked cheese pastries and Ayran – they even give us some for the road! so stuffed…

the road is forever climbing and descending… we make camp behind some trees in a clearing and dream of a shower in Istanbul…

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  1. umut erol permalink
    January 25, 2011 4:29 pm

    hi boys.. i am the english teacher from pınarhisar who is keen to talk about football:))
    how is going on? i hope you are ok.. thanks for sharing the photo and good words for us.. i am waiting for the nothingham forest and QPR t-shirts to my collection.. see you later.. have nice trip..

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