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06/12 – Edirne – Kirklareli – Pinarhisar : Duck in a bag mate?

January 14, 2011

First campsite in Turkey turns out to be the practice ground for the frog chorus – the small lake is full of phantom frogs singing at the top of their voices somewhere in the reedy growth…

We are approached by a man in a car who takes little notice of us, heading to his cages in the lake. he then comes over with a live mallard duck in a plastic bag, obviously the bounty of his cages, and asks us if we would like to shoot it – we politely (and rather confusedly (word?) decline, pack up and hit the road.

Western Turkey is beautiful, and the weather is great. Rolling hills and hedgeless fields as far as you can see. Polite Turkish drivers toot cheerily as they approach you then toot again as they pass – everyone waves and we end up cycling much of the time one handed when we pass through villages. A road sweeper waves and becones us to stop for some tea – I politley decline but kick myself afterwards as I could have done with a cuppa – but I’m sure that wont be the last kind offering we get on the road through this magnificent country.

We get to Kirklareli for lunch and the owner of the supermarket gives us a tour of his produce and even gives us some free veg. we eat on a very baldy proportioned park bench (the table was almost at our chins) much to the amusement of some school kids sitting at the next table. We leave the city and have another cheeky lahmacun on the way out.

The road rises and falls quite hypnotically, the weather is glorious and the sun is setting. You can see in perfect clarity the twilight between the orange of the day departing and the purple of the night descending. We find a quiet hilltop to camp and listen as the Turkish military do round practice, firing heavy artillery into the next hill – sounds remarkebly like a warzone. Its a cold night, but we’re in Turkey – its a blast.

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  1. January 14, 2011 2:51 pm

    I am just loving the blog guys – you’ve done so well already. Prague seems just yesterday but you’ve gone so far since then! Hope Christmas was lovely in Istanbul – keep going with the updates, we’re really enjoying them.


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