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20/11/10 – 23/11/10 – Belgrade – more rakija?

December 10, 2010

Belgrade starts with a party, which never really stops.

good paint and light

great paint


Rade our host is an active couch surfer, and has hosted over 140 people this year (!!!!) he is throwing a party in honour of couch surfing in Belgrade, and the crowd is a mixed bunch of travellers and serbian hosts with a wild variety of backgrounds (and haircuts)

good paint

epic interior of an unfinished cathedral

picture of the weekend

rade and bobbi - legends


Rade makes fantastic food and we struggle to fit it in with the pizza, big big serbian burger, chips, beer and wine that we inadvertantly consumed before arriving to the party. bad guests.

they love that nice cool air

view from our window


The drinks get flowing and the music gets pumping and the party starts to get a bit rowdy, with various large swedish guys throwing booze around the house and throwing up all over the toilet floor. we make a quick exit with some like minded people and head into town at 330am, with the promise that the party in Belgrade is just getting started.

not so aptly named garbage markings


blown out windows


Our new friends Eino (pronounced Anal), Jasmin and Steffi join us on a magical 4 day bender in Belgrade, involving Einos magic flying (and dissappearing) disc, various drunk Serbian guys shouting ‘FUCK THE EU’ at us while we board a bus, pictures of strangers in the street, bulls testicles (a fine serbian delicacy) Pouring our own drinks in illegal bars, blood, disspapearing people, pizza slices, popcorn, drawing competitions, insane wasted serbian artists (she added boat impressions, stolen drinks, throwing bags, bad singing, broken furniture, various attacks and nonsensical – initally entertaining then not so – rubbish), more free drinks from illegal bars, illegal wine caves, dinner parties, stuffed peppers and lots of gin

blown out ministry

blown out ministry again


Too many drinking stories to tell really, but I think you get the gist. Belgrade is an amazing city, full of charm and recent history (the evidence of the bombing is still very clear – they have even preserved the bombed ministry buildings in the centre as a reminder of the recent onslughts) but the people are warm, friendly and minus a few exceptions very welcoming of foreigners (except the drunk guys on the bus)

a real mess

serbia's favourite car


the serbian cyrillics are bizarre


Not many people back home realise much about Belgrade. I certainly didnt before I was here. Its a really lively and moving city – I guess the recent termoil creates that need to bounce back. The silver lining to strains upon cities like Belgrade and Berlin is the aftermath is often a scene of creative potential, progression, development, art and possibilities. Belgrade certainly as all of these.

the coolest bookshop in the world


concrete window security


The architecture of the city was beautiful also – a strong hint of soviet communism mixed with very expressive corbusian concrete tower blocks – A haphazard jungle of monolithic greyness, with a lot of curious beauty.

the horses testicles

mathias loves dinner parties


Blah Blah, go to Belgrade. 😉

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