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6/11/10 – 12/11/10 – Budapest

November 10, 2010

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So another well deserved break begins with a hangover. Meeting some of Loci’s friends last night means we don’t get in until 5am and our sleep is short and patchy. We are woken with the best start to a slow day though when we smell Loci’s cooking of eggs coming from the kitchen – result!

Loci has just started up his own business providing exciting graphic design solutions to the walls of peoples homes and businesses, so he leaves with Lisa to go and take photos of a newly completed project while we get ready to go out on the town and get snap happy.

the order of the day is a agendaless meander through the jewish quarter of the city, taking photos of things we like, aswell as focusing on various photo projects that try to direct our attention (how do you capture the smell of the street in a photograph?) it doesnt go too well, probably because of our fragile state of mind, but we take advantage of the great weather (tshirts!) and get some nice shots. We stop for pizza and meet Loci and prepare for the next night on the tiles.

We go on to the flat of a friend of Loci’s and have some dinner and drink Uniqum, a rather strong hunagrian liquor. Back on the game again, we head to the opening night of a new theatre come club that is hosting a bootleg night of sorts, with various dj’s playing mashup tracks, mostly revolving around drum n bass. we take advantage of the free entry and the cheap bar, and manage another 5am return home. I am dead on my feet; too much cycling and partying for one man…

The next morning comes and its our turn to make breakfast, so we head drag our heavy selves down to the shops and find beans and bacon (result!) and cook up english breakfast. it goes down a treat and we’re back in the game, this time we head out in not such good weather and Loci takes us on a mini tour of the sights of Budapest, including the stretch along the Danube, the old castle and Parliament. He leaves us to go and play football and we wander back to the house, stopping to get a little pizza on the way. tonight is no night for partying so when Loci returns we head out to the local arts cinema to watch A Serious Man, which was great, even if the cinema didnt serve popcorn (I was very disappointed)

The next morning Loci, his brother and his mum go off to work so we are left to our own devices. we spend the day catching up on the blog and various emails, which takes up all our time for the whole day (for the next three days- we were quite behind) we have a respite in the evening however and go to Tornado bar where Pimpmywall did the interior décor for. its a great atmosphere and I get absolutely trashed by the resident foosball players (apparently they are world champions, so I didnt feel so bad for being totally embarrassed by them)

Again Tuesday is blog day, and I dont leave the house until the evening when we go to Lisa’s place for goulash. Loci wasnt lying when he said it takes three hours to make, and I have never seen so much meat in one dish in my life. The wait was more than worth it though, and it was the most monstrous and best goulash to date. We leave around midnight and have to get a taxi home because walking has become almost impossible.

Wednesday and its baths day! The big thing I wanted to do in Budapest was visit the Rudas baths, which I had studied as part of my final thesis.

The water is drawn from the huge natural spring below the city. It is 90 degrees when it comes up from the ground, so they have to cool it before it enters the pools. The water is replaced once a day so morning is the best time to go, as by the end of the day it is pretty filthy. We get there for around 930 and strip to our newly acquired loin cloths and take a dip in the 5 pools Rudas has to offer.

The baths have a central main pool topped by a beautiful dome, perforated with coloured light that creates a beautiful atmosphere in the bath. it is steamy and hot and relaxing. Around the main pool are four pools of varying temperature- one at 22 deg, then 30, 33 then the hot one is 42. its quite an experience jumping between temperatures, and the steam rooms to well to cap you off and you can feel the toxins evacuating your body.

After a hilarious slip down the stairs, colliding pretty much butt naked into Loci as we are leaving, the cleansing is done and our time in Budapest is almost complete. Loci goes off to work and we head back to finish writing up the blog (what I am writing right now) and hopefully will get out in time to check out some more sights of the city and get to the bike shop!

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  1. deborah Simmons permalink
    November 11, 2010 12:42 pm

    hey julian- i’m in budapest by tomorrow afternoon – will you still be around? be great to say hi if you are although we’re getting a cab straight from the airport to their house which is about 15 min drive out of the city. can email you their address if there’s any chance of you stopping by before you go?!

    glad to hear you’re still alive, deb x

    • Julian permalink*
      November 11, 2010 6:46 pm

      Hey Deb,

      Great to hear from you. We’re setting off from the city early tomorrow morning as we’re meeting some people in Belgrade next week. We’re making our way south along the Danube so if your friends place is that way we could definitely meet up.

      You’ll have a great time here the city is amazing and make sure you go to a bath, Rudas if possible (think ladies day is wednesday but worth checking) thats been one of the highlights.

      Hopefully see you tomorrow!

      • deborah Simmons permalink
        November 19, 2010 1:04 pm

        Oh No! I just saw this – but we didn’t get to the city until 4pm so am guessing you would’ve been long gone by then. what a shame. had a great time though.. really loved it and the weather was pretty nice too… my friends lived up in the hills of Buda so would’ve been a bit of a trek on the bikes – but nothing you couldn’t handle, i’m sure! be in touch soon, deb x

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