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5/11/10 – Nagymaros → Budapest – We made it!

November 10, 2010
  • 67km Travelled today
  • 2285 km Total

We survived the nights sleep dry as a bone and didn’t wake up sailing down the Danube.  Bumper breakfast more akin to dinner is prepared for our final push into the big city.  Normally we arrive in a city slightly stressed by having to navigate main roads in unfamiliar surroundings but this cycle route should take us directly to the centre without having to use roads.

Camp site with amazing trees reaching towards the water

Breakfast, dinner style


Clamber back up the rocky cliff rather proud of our undertaking in the dark last night.  The sun is warm and the prospect of getting off the bike for a bit is a welcome thought.  We pass through a place called Göd, a rather beautiful park and then along the beaches which hug the Danube, the city getting ever closer.

Bike path along the river and polite pedestrian

God? Couldn't find him

The bike path winds its way down some small residential streets before leading us back to the waters edge but then seems to dry up without any visible directions.  We’re forced back onto the main road and meet another cyclist who is also looking for the path.  Its getting on into the afternoon so we decide to stick to the main road instead of meandering by the river trying to pick up the yellow bike route.

Beware of snails and clouds

Further on we spot the little bike lane and happily rejoin it, where’d you go  mate?  Into the city on the Pest side it all starts to take shape – Islands in the middle of the Danube connected by main roads, large residential developments and a buzzing metropolis.  The roads are busy and we end up flowing with the traffic as they manically switch lanes to advance their position and then come to a grinding halt at the lights where we bumble past and stick our large backsides right at the front.

Yes, some helpa to find the bike lane would be great

We find a Wifi cafe to contact our host in Pest, Loci, who worked in Amsterdam with Madhav and Sasha.  Loci runs a wall-painting business here so im eager to show him some of my own creations which funnily enough use his name…..strange.  We’re in luck, he’s leaving work and lives just down the road from where we are.  The apartment is in a great area just off the main circular on a quiet street.  We unload bikes, have a wash and a look around the flat.  Afterwards we head out to grab some food and then hit some bars to meet some of Loci’s friends and the rest is slightly blurry – must have been tired.

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