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1/11/10- Telgart → Hronsek- National holiday in Slovakia

November 10, 2010
  • 105km Travelled
  • 24km/h Average
  • 45km/h Max
  • 4hrs 30mins In saddle
  • 2050km Total

So close (and warm) yet so far!

Marek and his magical tea mix

Marek delivers some more tea which we find out is called magic moments with some cough syrup mixed in along with some fruit bread, just what we needed.  He wishes us well and heads off in the car with his family.  We pack up and head into town where everyone is dressed is black as its a national holiday to remember the dead.  We follow the route recommended to us by Martin a few days ago and enjoy some really quiet but fast roads all the way to Brezno, eyes peeled for a fleeting glimpse of some bears before we head out of their territory.  Along the way pick some apples from the trees than line the road again, we haven’t had any bounty apples for a good few weeks so it was good to get back on that wagon.

Cheers Martin, great route

Potential picnic spot?

Closer inspection shows this wasn't a design over sight, but a strike of ingenuity


We find a quiet spot in a church garden in Brezno and get sandwich making whilst joined by an old guy doing laps and each time asking us something in Slovakian.  We salivate over the idea of a curry and fresh naan and laugh about how when you crave a curry in a foreign country its usually quite a disappointment.  We wanted to push today and push we did, heading out of Brezno we really wanted to be past Banska Bystrica by sundown so its music on and pedal to metal for a couple of hours of pounding down main roads.  Along the way we pass the 2000km mark! Do a little dance and get back on the bike.  We make it to Banska and toy with the idea of camping in an abandoned building but decide to head out of this sprawling city trying to avoid the motorway.

2000kms! No sweat


One of the best bus stops so far

Feeling pretty tired after a +100km day we’re eyes everywhere for a suitable location.  We find a couple of spots off the road next to the Hron river which we’ll be following until Budapest but they’re both quite grimey so we head on.  In a little town people are enjoying their evening outside a bar.  We finally find a spot in the forest and wearily unpack and set up.  One thing keeping us going was the weather was so much warmer than earlier in Slovakia – We could actually sit outside the tent and not feel cold while listening to lots of dogs talking nearby.  Omelette for dinner marks a culinary departure and a welcome one.

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