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29/10/10 – Chabowka – Lowy Sacs – Slovakia!

November 9, 2010
  • 60 km travelled

We try to get up earlier this morning after our fairly dismal starts back on the bikes. I try a fresh approach and stick on the kettle first thing, maybe this will help with the morning process. it goes down well and we pack up and get on the road in good time, continuing our big climb up the main road. Main roads really suck, Im looking forward to avoiding them once we come into Slovakia.

sun + trees = good photo opportunity

nice and secluded despite being on the main roadside

Its funny how the hills feel less of a challenge as they did in Germany. Maybe I am fitter now, but they really are becoming even quite enjoyable. I guess in Germany we were not prepared for them and each one felt like an unfair obstacle that we had not factored into each day of cycling. now however, we know full well what lays in store, so you accept it and get on with it, which in turn I suppose makes it easier to overcome. The benefit from being up high is the sense of acheivement when you top the hill, as well as the view, which is getting more and more breathtaking as we head to our next country.

techno techno

say no to contacts

Eventually after a morning of climbing we encounter the Dunajec Valley and start to do some descents towards the lake. They done last long though as the road meanders around the foothills, and we settle back into climbing again. Two cars move to overtake me in a particularly risky double lapping move and they collide. The crash is very minor, but they stop up ahead and get out looking rather disgruntled. I had nothing to do with it (although they were moving to go around me) so I decide to keep pedalling, being prepared to stop if they want to talk to me. they dont, so I slowly roll past them, drenched in sweat and looking rather knackered (though i tried to look focused, dont think it paid off) and continue up the hill.

would you like a cowskin?

The road climbs some more and we keep an eye out for a damn that controls the lake, but it never comes. As the road flattens out we head into the trees and our first sign that tells us to mind the wildlife appears. The sudden realisation that we are approaching bear territory creeps in, and we cylce a little faster.

first signs of snow/ice

A great downhill takes us to the sleepy border town that plays more of a role as ski resort village, but as its not snowy yet is completely deserted. The border crossing appears and we get the obligatory victory poses ready for the cameras!


The scenery is so beautiful its breathtaking. the road is flat and carves through the mountains. the air is fresh and the water running next to us is crystal clear. We head towards Carveny Klastor, a village we learned back in Krakow has an all season camp site. We thought it best to camp in a designated spot tonight since we are in bear country and they would have provisions.

asleep on the job mate? dont worry, only two more fruit to sell

We find the campsite and its more of an adventure sports park than a camping spot. Its completely deserted, maybe it wasnt full season afterall. some guys are playing football on the pitch they have there and we wait until they leave and set up camp round the back of the restaurant next to the Dunajec. We spend the last of our Polish Zlotis in the local shop to buy what we thought were meatballs but turned out to be fish balls (?) and a few beers to celebrate our first night in Slovakia!

cheers me old son

We cook up outside and take advantage of the power supply that was left on in the shack nearby to charge our cameras. It gets very very cold as we are camped so close to the water and we almost freeze to death while cooking. thank god for our new mourinho long johns! we go to sleep with frosty tents but adequately nourished on our fish balls and beer, ready for the Tatras tomorrow.

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