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28/10/10 – Trezemesina → Chabowka – Are we somewhere else?

November 9, 2010
  • 41km Travelled
  • 16km/h Average
  • 55km/h Max
  • 2hrs 30mins In the saddle
  • 1794km Total

Snooze button is abused this morning, camp is calm and warm.  The constant knocking of the woodpecker is enough to get me out of the tent to inspect the surroundings.  There he is up high in a tree 10metres away, we heard one early on in Poland but didn’t get a decent look.  This time it’s on full display and looked a bit like this guy

Sash arises and Scooby Doo chocolate spread is back on the menu, spread thick on some bread and served with a cup of tea.  Leave camp at 12:40, possibly our latest yet – We justify the time by telling ourselves it takes time to settle back into these things.  We cycle down past the house owner who is happy to see us and says something excitedly as we wizz past.


Wooden church


The landscape is very reminiscent of the Alps, you could be in France or Switzerland.  We fly down our first open switch back – which makes me think of this picture minus the snow.  We spot some ski-runs and what looks like snow at the top but it was hard to tell.  Poland as a ski destination has never really registered i suppose it doesn’t have the glitz of the Alps but seems like a decent to go for it, it’s certainly cold enough.

Waiting for a coating of snow

Don't drive down the ski slope ok

Stop off at petrol station for to wash up and eat some lunch, we try to convert some Euros to zlotys but for some reason the guy isn’t willing to convert our €2 coin.  Continuing the ski theme, this is obviously the place to come for it, its littered with ski runs carved into the sides of hills, workmen busy preparing the lifts for the winter season.  We head through Rabka Zdroj, a big ski resort town and up the hill the other side.  Atop the hill we watch the sun set behind some rather enormous Slovakian mountains encased by an ominous black cloud.  Checking the map these monsters are a full kilometre shorter than the highest ones we’re passing, whoop whoop!  The mountains we’re about to pass through (Tatras) make up an arc shaped mountain range called the Carpathians.  The range is about 1500km long and passes through Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania and is the 2nd longest in Europe after one in Scandinavia – Bit of knowledge for you, thanks Wikipedia.

Wooden Church in Rabka Zdroj

Tatras in the distance

Camp site just of the road in semi private space perfect for us after a bit of a search.  Cook up remaining leek, mushrooms, onions and rice served with Tabasco (If anyone would like to send us more it would be greatly appreciated as its getting more and more expensive the further we are from home) and cheese.

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  1. robert permalink
    November 11, 2010 5:01 pm

    Hi Guys ! what a wonderful time you had in Budapest, and what a wonderful city it is too. As you know Helen & I were there 4 days in 2008, staying near the Opera House. Also loved reading your travelogue along the way, and really amazing photos. fantastic and we will be following you all the way.
    Robert & Helen

    • Julian permalink*
      November 12, 2010 10:50 am

      thanks Robert, glad you like the photos – theyre our biggest project of the trip!
      were leaving budapest today, lots of miles to cover if we are going to meet mum in istanbul next month!

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