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27/10/10 – Krakow → Trezemesnia – So long beautiful city

November 9, 2010
  • 50km Travelled
  • 17km/h Average
  • 52km/h Max
  • 2Hrs 50 mins In saddle
  • 1754km Total

We make the most of hostel living by making toasted sandwiches for breakfast and load up on cocoa puffs and cornflakes.  We pack up the last of our stuff and do some final errands on the web whilst sipping some tea.  We head out of Krakow, home for the last 8 days, party rest and recuperation all successfully achieved.  Quick stop at the bike shop for some cable ties and wire cutters so that i can re-mount my bar bag to my shiny new google-sponsored bars courtesy of the head of Google Krakow.  Still trying to get my head around that one.

It’s main roads out of the city, leaving behind a large part of our trip, it’s sad to leave but the open road beckons.  It’s something we’ve both noticed on the trip – When you arrive in a city your glad to be off the bike and leave it somewhere safely out of sight whilst you engage in something quite different.  You almost separate from the previous experiences in some respects and settle into a comfortable way of life.  Getting back on the bike and leaving that comfort is quite a daunting feeling, especially when you’ve spent time with people you care about.  It takes a while to re-adjust to life on the road but once your back on the bike and pedalling it starts to feel good again. Body feels great on the newly adjusted bike – new handlebars and stem leave me with no back pain.  The 1700km to Krakow was even more of an accomplishment than i had thought!

Bet this house smelt amazing inside


We head into the hills, all sorts of wood chopping is taking place on the road side – Wonder if its for the countless Meble shops (which we now know means furniture in Polish) or fire wood for all the fires!  We stop for lunch on a perfect patch of grass next to some roadworks and an industrial plant having loaded up on supplies from a small village shop.  Amongst a whole host of delights this shop sold huge bags of shredded cabbage, 5kg sacks of peanuts and was staffed by some giggly polish ladies who thought our indecision was hilarious.  We didn’t buy the peanuts unfortunately.

Rabbit food for the whole family


Sasha found some cheese in his bag


Find out first camp spot in over a week nestled in a small patch of woodland behind a house.  Their dogs bark like crazy for a good hour and then decide their communication attempts are fruitless and so give up to fall asleep or lick themselves.  We’re careful not to disturb some young trees that had been protected and encouraged to grow and cooked up some dinner without any herbs or spices –  we consider it our parting gift to Krakow.

Scenery was pretty amazing - Autumn colours have become alot deeper since arriving in Krakow

Anyone know what these are?

Percy Primus (the stove) preparing for another meal


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