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18/10/10 – Just outside of Oscwiecim – Krakow

November 9, 2010
  • 76km Travelled
  • 19km/h Average
  • 43km/h Max
  • 4hrs In the Saddle
  • 1704km Total so far

Finally we get a decent loaf of bread from Aldi.  After 3 or so attempts ending in dry and crummy bread we’ve struck gold with a loaf of brown bliss,  shame i spilt the tea. With the ghost busters theme tune and ‘You can call me al’ floating around my head we make our way with panniers and bike  across the precariously small bridge which separates us from the ‘mainland.’  No unplanned dips in the water this time despite some early morning moisture.

The last push into a city seems to be one of the most difficult things about this trip.  You’ve promised your body a rest and its impatient making the last push into the city somewhat more difficult than it should be! (Apologies for the lack of photos)  We plough down the main roads lorries become ever more present and tightly packed – we’re definitely approaching a city yet the air is filled with smells of toast and chocolate, there must be a factory somewhere.

Sasha got a bit excited

A sign to say we’ve entered Krakow means time for a celebration (Some went a little overboard) and a real sense of achievement that the first goal en route has been achieved and with 3 days to spare, happy larries.  Enter the city and first stop is to find an internet cafe and a hostel to rest in tonight.  Initial impressions of Krakow are great, young and modern set in a historic location, looking forward to spending a week here.  We find a internet cafe and sit alongside a couple playing scrabble sipping Earl Grey.  Unsound festival posters are everywhere and there seems to be a real buzz in the city.

We made it !

Our hostel, Dizzy Daisy, is minutes from the main square, really cheap (Less than a fiver per night) and helpful in directing us to the nearest place we can gorge on Polish grub and beer.  We eat Goulash in a bread bowl and drink our first pint in a restaurant that seemed as though it might have been taken from Hansel and Gretel – Wooden furniture, can we eat the walls? No dont eat the walls.

We soak up some of the city by walking around the main square, the C16th Barbican and the city wall.  We could definitely live here – a sentiment that was recounted by Alex,Lulu, Sash and me throughout our trip.

Back in the Hostel we meet a Ukrainian guy also called Sasha whose come for the festival as well.  Despite living in the country adjacent to Poland he had to apply for a visa to enter the country.  It makes us think that we have cycled so easily through borders on our way here and will continue to do so for a decent while. We spend the rest of the night in the hostel, drinking beers, blogging and talking excitedly about the different venues for the festival and the artists playing.  Head to bed looking forward so seeing people important to me and who’ll be arriving in a couple of days.

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  1. November 9, 2010 9:39 pm

    here are some pics from unsound
    nice to read your story

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