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13/10/10 – Nysa to Kedzieryn Kozle

October 19, 2010

Interesting road kill count:

  • 1 x Dog
  • 2 x Cats
  • 1 x Deer

Soundtrack to cycling:

  • Paul Simon – Graceland
  • Zomby – Zomby EP
  • TRG – Fact mix


  • One ugly root vegetable

We had a bit of Wodka left over in the original bottle so had a few sips to warm ourselves pre-breakfast, well we didn’t want to waste it did we.  Observing the campsite in daylight conditions it started to look like some kind of farmyard machine burial ground, a selection of different mechanisations arranged in pre-ordained fashion.


Brum springs to mind


We’re back on the Polish roads again – When they’re good their amazing, smooth asphalt which feels like its giving you a cheeky push.  But when their bad they’re a nightmare – Big ridges right where you want to be on the road forcing you to cycle further in the traffic or minefields of gargantuan potholes.  Luckily today their mostly good.


Good Polish road, albeit cold and a bit boring



Roadsign graphics are great in Poland


I stick on Paul Simon – smile from ear to ear, this music has a special place in my heart and a few tears roll from my eyes as we sail up and down.  Whilst getting emotional i spot some big piles of what i think are vegetables by the side of a field.  I’ve seen this throughout Germany and now Poland so decide to investigate.  I pop one in my bag for a better look later, well it’s only one and i am trying to ensure we eat food which is local, fresh and in season and this ticks all those boxes.


Piles of something at the end of a field, a common sight



A close up. Not the prettiest thing but it was free. What is it though?


Alot of the towns we pass through have lots of different styles of architecture pushed up together, different height buildings, different colours it gives them a real character and makes them more interesting to pass through.  The tower blocks are painted in bright colours as well – why don’t we do this in the UK, even in the drab Polish weather they’re looking pretty happy.


Colourful buildings in rural areas as well, why not?



This town had a tower



Saw this and thought of the house in Essex that has a ying yang driveway - Same bricks used throughout, classy


Seeking out a camp site we stop off for a water re-fill, a more than daily occurrence which more often than not results in us cobbling something of the language and looking at our empty water bottles.  This time, however, after a great lesson in Polish from a petrol stop attendee just after the border.  Our request of Moge Prochech troher de vodu? Is met with a nod instead of confused stare, we’re getting better at this!  We find a decent place to camp after 3 attempts – We’ve been relatively lucky up till now with finding a spot pretty much straight away, today it wasn’t so – Perhaps we’re becoming more discerning.  The first seemed quite seedy and the second contained a deer with 3 legs, someones discarded trousers and lots of electrical wire… not sure if they’re linked.

Cooked onion, carrot, potato and tomatoes with some carraway, salt and paprika – The final three, new additions to the pantry!  It was a curry esque dish with rice.  Went down a treat as we sipped a couple Tetra beers.  Noice


Our campsite in a ring of trees


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  1. veiovis permalink
    October 19, 2010 10:26 pm

    Hi buddies, that “piles of something” which you mentioned are the white beets. We produce sugar of it… Keep going, enjoy your visit to Poland and have a nice time in Kraków. All the best for you.
    Piotrek (Kraków husband) 😉

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