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11/10/10 – The lake to the Border

October 18, 2010
  • 71 km travelled
  • 1288 kms travelled so far

although the lake was beautiful last night, this morning it reared its ugly head in the manner of keeping the temperature nice and low – low enough to get our first tent frost of the trip! getting up was particularly hard this morning.


is that frost on your tent?



the view in the morning. nice lake!


Julian brewed up a pot of PG tips (thanks helen!) and we were back on the road again in no time, deciding to make a dash for the Polish border. Hradec Kralove flew by, then we headed north and got our first signs to Poland (wroclaw to be precise). The road was flat and the sun was shining. We stopped for a cheese hot-dog type thing at a petrol station, and sat outside in the sweltering heat to it eat. ‘You sure this is October mate?’ the heat was rediculous. I could have stripped down to my lycra and sun bathed then and there.


The Czeches love pallettes


Hills started to emerge as we had feared (the edge of the Tatras have begun to rear their heads!) but they are not so bad. Afterall we are trained athletes now. We fly down the road to Nachod and pick up some lunch and try to spend the last of our korona on peanut butter crisps and doughnuts, but we fail somewhat as we leave with some czech coins still in hand, though not enough to buy anything worth eating. The doughnuts are a dismal failure (no jam??)  but we catch the last of the sun as we eat on a park bench in the middle of town.

Lunch at 430pm? thats a but late. dinner is going to be small.

We must make it to Poland before nightfall! we leave Nachod and suddenly, in a blaze of glorious non-descript eastern European border frontier checkpoint madness, it appears.


is this the border? blimey!


We move through effortlessly and round the bend, and in an instant, the temperature drops 3 degrees. something to get used to in Poland. The border town, like any, is pretty desolate. We stop to get water at a BP petrol station and they refuse. cheers Bristish Petroleum, yeh nice one. The polish petrol station a bit further along happily obliges, and even gives us a few polish phrases (KULVAR being the most popular one).

The border town becomes more picturesque as we move into the hills, with little hansel and grettle houses populating the streets. They like burning wood in Poland, and the atmostphere is very smokey. something we have to get used to while here – although apparantly the poles didnt get used to it, with lead posioning being a big problem in the country before they were given money by the EU to populate their nation with gas heaters. Even if they have them, the Poles still prefer the smoke…


get your tent out


We set up camp up a small but very steep dirt track by someones house. its probably private land, but it doesn’t matter. Lary camping is the order of the day. We stop and have a cigartette overlooking the new landscape, taking time to relax and take it in. A deer darts towards us then swings away at the last second, giving us a fright. this isnt bear country is it? I hope not! we set up camp and its very cold. No dinner tonight for me as its so late, though Julian gorges on a bit of rice. happy days – on to Krakow!

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