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10/10/10 – Leaving Prague and making a break for it

October 16, 2010
  • 90 km travelled
  • 1217 kms travelled so far

Waking up in a cosy bed is a luxury we should never underestimate….

packing up early in the morning and offloading some stuff to Jeremy’s Interoffice Postal Service, we seem to be travelling a lot lighter, which is great!

Everyone is walking around the flat in cycle gear – Jeremy and Helen decide to join us on our first kilometres outside of Prague for the day, and we are excited by the cycling company. I make eggs and toast for the crew and we plan our best way out of Prague, ensuring to avoid the busy roads that we came in on (no fun)

We bid farewell to the gorgeous flat and grease up our chains and are on the road by 1030,  Jeremy leading the way out of the city.

Its another beautiful day, as we head down the quiet streets (Prague is dead on Sunday morning) and start to navigate out of the city, though avoiding the big roads become increasingly unavoidable, as we endure a large interchange not designed for bikers. We all make it through a little deschevelled, but its a sign of things passed as we leave the city for flatter, clearer pastures.

We were promised that the road out of Prague going East was flat, and lo and behold, its like a pancake. We stop for lunch at Mochov and chow down on some overly fatty chorizo-esque sausages. We bid farewell to our fantastic hosts for the weekend with a tripod and remote shutter release photo (i love that thing).


parting ways with Jeremy and Helen


we look at the map after Jeremy and Helen head back for hopefully a quieter entrance back into the city and make the estimation that we wont make it to Hradec Kralove by nightfall. We aim for it anyway and plan to camp wherever we end up when it gets dark (this approach has worked perfectly so far).

The road is as flat as anything and the Kms just fall away. before we know it we’ve done 90km and it feels like we’ve barely started.


catch any fish mate?



call that a campsite?


We luck upon a gorgeous and perfectly still lake at the road side and take a moment before setting up camp to admire its serene peacefullness, watching the sun set over its still waters was a perfect end to a great day on the bikes in beautiful weather. we even have time before it gets dark to fly the kite (failed – no wind!) and fashion a fishing rod of sorts, but alas no fish for dinner.


art? no


We have a clear and starry night while we eat rice with beans (it would have been with chopped tomatoes had julian not picked up strawberries instead!) and discover the drawbacks of camping near water in winter – its bloody freezing!!


wet topsheet – not cool =(


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  1. October 16, 2010 7:07 am

    Great update guys!
    Very nice reading material.
    Have fun and stay safe!

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