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8/10/10 & 9/10/10 – Entering Prague and a day of rest

October 15, 2010

Listening to: Kreng

Head back onto the #7 after some waffles and chocolate spread we see yet more palettes – The Czechs seem to absolutely love their palettes.  On the road the prospect of pizza and beer for lunch is pushing me down the overcrowded thoroughfare into Prague.  A white BMW xbox cuts me up – I thought I had left Essex a thousand kilometres ago.  In the distance we can see the black  silhouette of St. Vitrus’s church.  We follow the riverside bike path past scores of Scots here for the match, some drunk others trying to be cultural.

Ock Ei!

We find Jeremy in the main square and head back to the plush apartment he shares with his wife Helen just up from the Spanish Synagogue.  We unload the bikes and enjoy a cup of PG tips!

Cleaning is the way forward – pots and pans bodies then clothes.  Each one with it’s own distinct aroma.  What a feeling to wash away all that grime, to be in a place with running warm water, to sit at a table inside to wear normal clothes and be in a sunny city.

Our home in Prague, no tents here

We make a beeline for the pizza place, new laptop in hand ready to get back up to speed with correspondence.  Pizza was amazing and it was really great to read emails from people back at home.

pizza and a table, soo good! Check out Rugantino in Nove Mesto, voted best pizza in 1999, this accolade definitely still stands

Ate chicken and pasta for dinner, kindly prepared for us and at a table with placemats with other people – such levels of sophistication have been far out of reach for a while.  We head back to the land of free wifi to top up the blog and then head to a local bar for a last beer.  A sad sleepy scot props up the bar.

Day 2 in Prague brings more glorious weather.  We all head out eager to explore the sights of this beautiful city.  We make it past all the attractions including the phenomenal St. Vitrus Church, we even manage to squeeze in some cake and coffee at a café frequented by Kafka and Einstein.

St Vitrus, immense

Heading back through the main square the familiar sound of hard eastern European dance music blared from some temporary rigs set up – a quite peculiar scene and  onewhich was not expected by not only myself but a lot of unsuspecting tourists.  We’d later find out during a projection/ light show to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the ‘Orloj’ – The astronomical clock, that the rave was also celebrating this occasion in a different manner.

Rave on Sunday, ye why not?

All's well at the rave dave

Count down before the projection

We enjoyed a fine meal of Potato soup, Goulash and cinnamon bun desert in a family restaurant where you had to ring the doorbell to come in.  It was a super end to a great time in Prague, thankyou Jeremy and Helen for your fantastic hospitality – Back on the bike tomorrow! Roll on Poland.

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