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7/10/2010 – Jirkov to Stehelcheves

October 15, 2010
  • 93 km travelled
  • 20km/h average speed
  • 45km/h maximum speed
  • 4hra 30minutes spent in the saddle
  • 1127 kms travelled so far


  • 4 x Prime Czech apples off the tree – Julian’s super old-apple-throwing-to-get-new-ones- down skills.
  • 3x pears from the roadside of the hallowed main road the #7 – taste a bit like apples.  Papples?

Having slept in Pavel and Okara’s garden next to a wood chopping/ workshop area we weren’t surprised to see Pavel in his overalls going to work there in the morning.  We write/draw a small card as an expression of our thanks and hand it to his wife – fridge door or bin?

Pav and Ok's place

Hearing the sound of a band saw I decide to investigate with my plastic car part I picked up on a German roadside which is soon to become a front mudguard with the help of some spokes from Sasha’s old wheel.  Pavel cuts the plastic with an angle grinder as I worriedly stare at my finger holding on to the article.  After cutting he sands it down to make it smooth and drills a hole in it – top geez

Back off to Chomutov we pass the Tescos hypermarket again – I’m amazed at it’s existence here but also not.  We see some housing blocks in Neapolitan colours and it reminds me of an article in Hot shoe photo magazine.

A warm petrol station offers some rest bite from the dull cold weather outside on our old friend the #7 but spirits are pretty high because it’s not raining and for a lot of the way we have our own cycle path on the road.

Petrol stations provide untold luxuries - we love petrol stations!

We’re both really looking forward to a rest from the bike in Prague.  I hadn’t thought about it too much up till now but the prospect of pizza, beer and a relax seem very inviting.

In Louny we eat some tradition Czech fair of Gulash and bread dumpling bread – the place looks very local and everyone seems to be drinking a pint with their lunch – we abstained and had a tea instead.

We watch motorcross from atop a groyne on a main road – feels good to be above the lorries.  Eager to leave the #7 behind we seek a campsite away from the roar of fast moving traffic.  We find a campsite next to some horses – they’ve gone to bed now but we said hi to them earlier.

Pasta, potatoes, tinned tomatoes, onions garlic and BBQ sauce for dins.

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  1. Vinny permalink
    October 22, 2010 2:59 pm

    Chaps – hope you are both well, its WELL dull in London – so you aren’t missing anything! Just wanted to let you know that we just emailed 1,800 people with links to your blog – COS YOU’RE WELL WORTH IT

    Stay strong my brothers!


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