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5/10/2010 – Saara to Stollberg – The hills are alive with the sound of groaning

October 15, 2010
  • 77.92km travelled
  • 16.5km/h average speed
  • 66.0km/h maximum speed
  • 941 km travelled so far
  • 4hrs 42 minutes spent in the saddle


Songs I sang in my head: “Iron man” – Black Sabbath

Fried eggs in the morning, yes!  Then we’re off to Gera where we peel off the main road and on to some quieter ones.  Gera is apparently famous for glass blowing and Carl Zeiss but saw little evidence of it other than a token shop selling some glass ornaments.

Some much strange and great stuff to be found in the German countryside

The quieter roads are more enjoyable and drift between farms and small villages.  Since we got into eastern Germany we’ve found that we are slowly gaining altitude with the hills becoming more frequent and more severe.  Today are the biggest so far – luckily we had eggs in the morning.

We stop of in Zwickau for lunch and see some Baroque architecture and more incarnations of the black dome spires I’ve been seeing a lot of in Germany.

lunch time

More slogging up hills ensues in the afternoon culminating in a real tester coming out of Stollberg involving some switchbacks and a lot of swearing (to oneself of course).

Finding a spot to camp in amongst a beautiful pine forest we enjoy some beers bratwurst, onion and sauté potatoes to celebrate what will be our last night in Germany.  A country which we successfully traversed without washing once I might add, a proud accomplishment I’m sure you will agree.

Back to the forest it really did feel as though we were camping beneath the gods, the canopy 50 metres above us leaving us a vast space beneath to enjoy.

This camp spot was pretty special


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