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4/10/2010 – Büßleben to Saara – The first ‘treat’ day!

October 15, 2010
  • 89.6km travelled
  • 17.6km/h average speed
  • 49.7km/h maximum speed
  • 863.1km travelled so far


  • Shower gel from a bike shop
  • Vegetable oil from a kebab shop

Our clever plot to buy food for Sunday on Saturday paid off yesterday, shame we hadn’t factored in Monday morning’s breakfast.  Pack up camp and find something to eat is the first order of the day.  We’ve decided to have treat day once a week – eat a meal out and today is that day so we hot foot it to Norha where a grill seems open and promising.

We tuck into some cheesey eggs and bacon alongside some pickled veg and warm rolls, yes warm rolls – it’s the details that make a meal!  On a roll we decide to buy a half a roast chicken to extend the treat theme to lunch as well.  We leave with full stomachs and the exciting prospect of a lunch which doesn’t just involve Gouda, bread and cucumber.


Bloody Norha - Good grub



Breakfast fuels us well into the afternoon and means we can put in some proper miles.  Going through Weimar you definitely got the sense that we were heading into the soviet bloc, the architecture, people and feel of the place is altering from western Germany.  Just past Weimar we spot a lawnmower attached to a truck, it looks a lot like a long armed crab of some description.


Crab, Lawnmower? who knows?



Descending into Jena the sun shines warm so I wear a t-shirt for the first time on the trip.  Jena is really great it’s full of young people and a good bike shop.  I buy a new cheap saddle to try and alleviate some of the pain caused by the current one.  The guy chucks in some shower gel for free, I think he might have been trying to tell us something.





Chicken, cheese and tomato sandwiches are consumed on the bank of an Aldi car park – classy.  Chickens a touch on the dry side, I think it might have been rotating in the grill for quite a few days.

Once the traffic dies down in the evenings we own the roads.  Combined with views overlooking the rolling landscape and then descending at 40km/h – these are the experiences that I did this trip for.

The open road

We find a campsite in a bit of forest atop a hill next to some abandoned caravans and cars, German hillbilly style.  Setting up camp is becoming finely tuned and I feel a lot more at ease with being in forest.

Evenings bring light experiments

We eat bratwurst and onions for dinner – smaller than normal because we ate lunch at 4 but looking forward to eggs in the morning!


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