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buying is addictive…

September 9, 2010

Oh my days I’ve bought so much stuff in the last few days. its like christmas every day in the office at the moment, stuff keeps arriving and I dont know what to do with it all! its great. though I have to be careful or I may end up buying lots of things I don’t need…

useless luxury item number 1 – wireless shutter release for the camera – I feel it will be a very worthy camera companion, if slightly exhuberant – though it was only 11 quid

useless luxury item number 2 – solar charger – although this may prove very useful in those hard to find a plug areas of the world – again a snip at 25 quid so maybe not so bad

useless luxury item number 3 – foldable wash bowl – again probably not so useles.. hmm maybe my buying has been pretty spot on afterall. these are the items that are giving me a lot of pleasure to think about how I may use them at the moment – taking a picture wirelessly while listening to my freshly solar charged ipod in the middle of the desert while washing vegetables in my foldable wash bowl is something every man dreams of doing !

The problem with online buying however is you never really know what youre getting – i had to send back a laptop and a rear rack because they were too slow and too small – the window for error is getting smaller and smaller as we only have 2 weeks to go! suffice to say  i have corrected those purchases and am now very happy with both =)

my ortlieb handlebar bag arrived yesterday, and I eagerly strapped it to the bike for the commute home. the dork-o-meter hit an all time high as i left the office however, its amazing what having a bag on your handlebars does for your streetcred…

i will endeavour to do the ‘this is how much shit ive bought’ photo on the bed once it all arrives over the next few days

not long to go now – getting pretty excited – roll on unsound!

also massive props to everyone who has donated so far  – amazingly in one week we have doubled our total! extra special thankyou to Tony and Barbara for the cake sales at Bristol Kite Festival, Paul for the relentless promotion, and everyone else who donated, particularly to Keith and Vee. We may even hit the third G before we go, which would be way beyond what we hoped for. cheers!

if you still wanna donate you know where to go…

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