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How far we’ve come…

August 24, 2010

It was over a year ago that we first breathed life into the idea of cycling half way round the world. Today we are one month away from turning all the hot air into reality…

It’s very easy when the build up process is so long to shrug off any serious preparation and planning until you reach the critical time right before you are set to leave. September 2010 seemed so far away in 2009, even when we started this blog, but now we are one month to the day away from when we are due to leave and the magnitude has landed home with a noisy cacaphone of a ‘holy jesus, this is real now isnt it!’

The blog has been a bit quiet of late, not because we’re getting cold feet – quite the opposite. we have been stirred up into a whirlwind of activity that has not been documented because of the rate at which it has sprung into our lives. now we are adjusted to this new pace of organisational life I feel I can communicate it again on here for you.

The first and most exciting thing to report is the changes to our proposed route that have taken place in the past few weeks. This is entirely down to the discovery of this fantastic festival in Poland, which takes place on the 17th – 24th October. The lineup is rediculous, with a wicked mix of Techno and Dubstep that more than justifies the dates (its a week long!) and at 40 quid for the entire thing, we simply couldnt miss the opportunity to try and get down there!

Krakow is considerably further north than we were planning to go, meaning we’ve had to drop some of our western european destinations. We were hoping to see Nigel and Annie in Leige, Deniza, Marta and Henrique in Stuttgart, and some of my Austrian extended family in Vienna, but unfortunately it doesnt look like we’re going to make it that far south.

Our new route will take us from London to Harwich where we can catch the ferry to the Netherlands, then we’ll cross Germany and head for Krakow via Prague. Krakow is around 1,000 miles from London, so with three weeks from our leaving date to the start of the festival, we will need to look lively on the pedals!!

Other details of significance have been kit buying, in particular the hardware we are looking into. I have just bought a netbook laptop – a snitch at 130 quid – to organise photos (i couldnt leave photoshop behind!) and maintain the blog on the road. we will also have skype, so please add us!

Developments have been ocuring on the fundraising front in some force of late – once again a huge thankyou to everyone who has donated so far. as it stands we have raised £670 – just from personal donations. we are hugely proud of that so thanks very much!! please tell your friends about us and convince them to donate aswell 😉

We have been in contact with our old school about a fundraising package that we are proposing for them – basically involving us doing presetations about the trip before we leave, as well as one when we return. We are hoping that the school would want to work with us to raise money for ICT, either through own clothes days or direct donations by the pupils or the school. we have a good rappor with the school and we are hoping to hear back from them soon if they are interested. If they agree to work with us it could be an exciting project for all involved! watch this space

here’s a copy of what we sent to the school – i remember how useful it was to me when people posted copies of press releases online so please help yourselves to ours!

So thats where we are really, as well as various concoctions of antiviral drugs that we’ve been pumped with in the last week or so, and various bits of kit weve been buying. we are well on our way. getting really excited and nervous in equal measures!

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