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The International Childcare Trust

June 15, 2010

After much deliberating we have finally settled on a charity to work with for our trip – and we proudly present to you The International Childcare Trust!

The ICT are a small UK based charity operating out of London, working towards an integrated approach to child development in the regions of Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania and Cambodia.

They work with local organisations and NGO’s to provide support for children, to help them receive education and training to keep them off the streets and away from exploitation that is detremental to their development.

We were particularly interested in the project they are involved with in Nepal, the Rural Environment and Empowerment Centre (REEC) based in Beni, West of Kathmandu. The centre aims to provide support for child labourers and their families.

It was the charities sustainable attitude and integrated approach that drew us to them, and we look forward to working with them for the trip!

We have set up a just giving page, with a link taking permanent residence at the top of the page. please donate generously!!

S+J x

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