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London to Salway Ash

May 24, 2010

Its been a while (again) since we posted up here. A lot has been happening behind the scenes, including the possible sealing of a deal for my new bike. Will post some pictures up when its all sorted.

This weekend we are going to do our first training run – we are going to set off from London and aim to reach my mums new place in Salway Ash, just outside Bridport in Dorset. The journey is approximately 150 miles and will take hopefully no more than two days. We are aiming to camp in the new forest on Saturday night and make it to Salway Ash on Sunday early evening.

The route will take us through Guildford, Andover, Winchester, past Southampton to the New Forest, Ringwood, Shaftsbury, Yeovil and finally towards Bridport. The weather looks like it will be on our side, lets hope the bikes will be too (i’m going to take my yellow Trek, I hope it can stand up to the test, particularly the tyres which are virtually impossible to remove if I get a puncture!)

We will be taking loads of photos to document the trip, which we will upload here so watch this space!

This is where we are going to end up – although this is trip is about ‘travel as destination’, this will be a destination in its own right!

p.s to anyone who still wants to cycle London to Brighton, apologies for the lack of clarity – it was going to be this weekend but some people couldnt make it. we would like as many people as possible to join us so we’re going to put it back a couple of weeks – more to come on that


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  1. May 27, 2010 1:37 am

    Hey Julian, Sash,
    thought i’d drop you a comment here as i’ve been keeping a little eye on your blog for a while now – i was at that meeting Al Humphrey’s organised a while back, though i didn’t meet you two, and got a link to you blog through an email he sent out i think. Well, anyhow, i’m planning a bike trip of my own, and have a very early version of my own wordpress blog that will no doubt change greatly soon, but thought you might like to take a little look all the same – (www.orangebikeride.blogspot is a slightly different version i’ll also be running).
    Also, i see you have a sort of open invite for a ride to Brighton? As i live up north there’s not much of a chance i’ll be able to make that, much as i would like, but there is a likelyhood I’ll be down in London some time relatively soon, and thought if you were free you might fancy meeting up for a beer or something. I think i’ve bored a lot of my friend talking constantly about bike.tour related stuff, and i thought maybe it’d be good to chat with some people in a similar situation.
    Anyway, it’d be good to hear from you whatever happens. Good luck with your planning,

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