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Useful info from Stantours

April 3, 2010

Stantours were reccomended by many users of thorntree as a good tours company operating out of central asia, most particularly Iran. I emailed them yesterday and was pleasently surprised to hear back from them within a few hours (it seems the majority of tour operators for this area are notoriously difficult to communicate with)

anyway, this is what they told me:


Usually you MIGHT be able to apply for an Iranian visa by yourself without
invitation at any Iranian Consulate in person. Once you submit your
documents, within a 7..14 days, the  Consulate will obtain approval and
issue your visa when you come back.

In case the Embassy does NOT accept an individual application (they normally
do not if you hold a Commonwealth passport) or if you wish to increase your
chances of approval, we can supply you with an invitation for a single-entry
tourist visa for up to 30 days against a fee of USD 55 per person. The
invitation will usually be issued within 2-3 weeks and sent to you as a
telex reference number.

WIth the invitation the Embassy will normally issue the visa in 1..7 days,
costs for this is USD 60-80. The acceptance rate for Commonwealth citizen is
about 75%, in case of a rejection a final decision is normally not taken
earlier than 3..4 weeks after application and there will be no written
confirmation or explanation from the authorities for this. We will charge a
handling fee of USD 15 + trasnfer charges in this case.

If you wish to proceed we would request your passport info, a copy of your
passport by e-mail attachment or fax and a full payment of USD 55 or EUR 43
as follows:

First Name :
Last Name :
Sex :    male /female
Marital status :
Date of Birth :
Place of Birth (country) :
Former Citizenship if any :
Actual Citizenship :
Father’s Name:
Grand Father’s Name:(Arab passports only)

Occupation :
Job title :
Employer :

Nationality :
Passport No. :
Passport type :
Date of Passport Issue :
Place of Passport Issue :
Date of Passport Expiry :

Embassy where you wish to collect your visa :
Duration of Stay in Iran :
Planned Date of Entry to Iran :
Previous visits to Iran :
Itinerary  / cities and sites you wish to visit :

Beneficiary:     STANtours Ltd., Level 5, 369, Queen Street, Auckland 1010,
New Zealand, Fax +49 (3212) 1039960
Bank:        Aizkraukles Banka, 23 Elizabetes St., Riga, LV-1010, Latvia,
Fax: +371 6777 5200
Account # / IBAN:     LV16AIZK0001140106063

Please make sure that you include ALL bank charges and please confirm the
payment amount before transfer. We will proceed upon receipt of funds or
proof of transfer by fax.

ALternatively you can pay us in USD by credit card THROUGH Moneybookers
under this address, adding 5% to the amount, we can send a payment link upon


For a Turkmenistan (TM) TOURIST visa, in order to enable us to provide you
with an LOI, we will need a detailed service booking with fixed dates. The
minimum cost of this will be about USD 100..130 per day per person for a
standard overland routing if you are two or three or 140..200 if you travel
alone, for paperwork, transport, guide and accommodation B&B. We will be
glad to make a detailed offer or join you up with other clients at a lower
cost, if you can make some preliminary indications of what you would like to
do and when you wish to travel.

You will be free to move around Ashgabat and its surropundings on your own,
but everywhere else our car & guide are mandatory. Please bear in mind that
invitation processing can take 2-3 weeks. Prices will be lower if one of our
cycling guides is available.

The only alternative for independent travel would be a transit visa which is
sometimes granted for a maximum of 5..7 days with fixed dates and is issued
on the grounds of the Iran / AZeri and Uzbek visa. Transit visa processing
AT THE EMBASSY takes 10-14 days and there is no guarantee of approval. We
cannot assist with transit visa and no LOI can be issued for them.

I trust this assists, we will also be glad to assist further on in Central
Asia, Caucasus, Iran and Russia!

Have a good day,


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