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Boozy bike chat

March 16, 2010

While doing some reading around for accounts of peoples previous expeditions, I came across this blog by Alastair Humphreys, accounting his cycle expidition that he made around the world over the course of four years. He has written two books about his experience, and it has been the most inspiring read I have had in a long time. He accounts in detail his trip through Europe, The Middle East, East Africa down to Cape town, Argentina up to Alaska and across Siberia and Central Asia back through Europe and home. Oh and he also sailed across the Atlantic. What a hero, check out his books Moods of Future Joys and Thunder and Sunshine. Quite simply a must read if you want are planning a trip or if you dream of adventure.

We even had the fortune of meeting Alastair in a pub in VIctoria last week (albeit briefly!) He had organised a small social event where anyone planning an expedition or with expidition experience could share stories and tips. It was heaving with rediculously high achieving explorers! one guy we met had run from Beijing to London. Another two guys had Kayaked from London to Marrakesh Someone else did the Marathon Des Sables and another dude skateboarded across the US. In the company of these people our trip seemed feeble!

Here are the sites of some people who are doing / planning similar trips to ours

The Kayak Guys

TravellingTwo – great resource for touring info

Rolling Tales – touring couple from NZ

There are a few more but ill post them up when i feel a little more proactive.

Many thanks To Alastair for the great night! it was inspirational

Thats all for now, im planning to buy the first parts of my bike in a few weeks so ill post some pictures up soon =)

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