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Embassys closed on weekends??

February 14, 2010

in an attempt to answer some rather big questions we have about visas and possibility of actually getting into certain countries like Iran, we attempted to go to the Iranian Embassy over the weekend. Lo and behold, theyre shut on weekends, and I only discovered upon reading their pretty useless website that they only take visa enquiries between 1230 and 4. gonna have to bunk off work then.

Visas (particularly for the middle east)are probably the biggest issue and concern about this trip.  There is no guarantee of obtaining a visa, and there are several factors than can stack up against your favour, such as politcal climate, relations of the host nation with yours (currently no US citizens are allowed in Iran – lets hope that won’t extend to the UK) length you wish to stay and nature of your trip. For visas in the middle east you need a letter of invitation from someone within the country, (though this can usually be arranged with a travel agent, such as StanTours) then you have to play a lottery with the visa officer who can refuse you for no bigger reason than the look of your picture, upon which point you are will be denied entry indefinately)

In a day where Visas failed, algorithmic creativity flourished, as we headed down to DeCode at the V and A. The best pieces being work by Fabrica and Aaron Koblin. might be cool to set up an online tracker of the trip? hmm…

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